Introducing the Timelapse+ VIEW intervalometer

Building on the experience and success of the original Timelapse+ Intervalometer, the new VIEW intervalometer redefines the category offering a whole new set of features.

"The Timelapse+ VIEW removes all of the complexities of capturing advanced time lapses and makes capturing a "holy grail" time lapse as easy as capturing a standard time lapse. Say goodbye to wasted nights of trial and error." - Ron Risman,

The Timelapse+ Intervalometer

The ultimate intervalometer for time-lapse and HDR creatives.  USB, shutter cable, and IR interface supports most DSLRs and full control via USB is possible with most Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

A versatile intervalometer, trigger and general tool for the DSLR camera, with the flagship feature being the automated day-to-night bulb ramping that's smooth and flicker free without the need for constant monitoring along the way.

Smooth, automatic, day-to-night time-lapse 


Automatic Bulb Ramp spanning 16 2/3 stops

Automatic Day-to-Night

Keyframe Bramping

Manual Bramping

Automatic ISO stepping in conjunction with bulb ramping on Canon and Nikon allows for sunset to Milky Way with no intervention.

All modes also support auto interval ramping, allowing a shorter daytime interval that smoothly ramps up going into night.

HDR of 11 images each 1 stop apart

HDR Sets up to 13 exposures

HDR Time-lapse

Can use high shutter speeds (Canon and Nikon) or Bulb mode

Also functions as a standard intervalometer

Option for single, long bulb exposures and self-timer



Focus stack made of 23 images at f/2.8

Light Trigger can detect objects passing by camera

Focus Stacking (Canon only at present)

Wireless Remote release from other Timelapse+ units or iPhone app

Wirelessly start and stop video from a remote Timelapse+ device (Canon)

New feature: Keyframe Motion + Focus Ramping!

Precision Graphical Keyframe Editor

The new keyframe editor can be used to coordinate multiple settings and axes with up to 10 time-based points, with smooth spline or linear interpolation for the following:

  • Exposure
  • Interval
  • Focus
  • NMX Axis 1
  • NMX Axis 2
  • NMX Axis 3

Focus Ramping

Add a new layer of dimension by smoothly ramping the focus during a bulb ramp or time-lapse.  Supports Canon and (some) Nikon DSLRs without any extra hardware -- just an autofocus lens. Based on the keyframe editor, up to 10 focus points can be added.

NMX Integration over Low-Energy Bluetooth

3-axis keyframe time-based motion control that's synchronized with focus, exposure and interval is possible when combined with Dynamic Perception's NMX digital stepper controller.

Even when used for basic time-lapse, the Timelapse+ extends the functionality of the NMX by providing keyframed control with a highly portable device. Because the Timelapse+ communicates directly with the NMX, no smartphone is required for its setup.


Weighs just 2oz (56g)

3.2in (81mm) x 1.8in (46mm) x 0.7in (17mm)

24-hour run time with rechargeable built-in 400mWh LiPo cell

Charges in 2.5 hours (fully drained)

Can be charged/powered via micro-USB port

Durable ABS/PC FR blend with TPV buttons/plugs

Backlit LCD can be white or red (configurable)

Built-in Red LED flashlight

Open-source firmware can be updated from Windows, OSX or Linux


USB Host (supports most Canon and Nikon DSLRs)

Shutter Cable (supports nearly all DSLRs with a remote release port)

IR remote (supports most major brands)

AUX Port (Open-drain, 2 input, 2 output).

AUX Port can be used to trigger motion control equipment or as a PC-sync input for flicker-free bulb ramping

Remote control via Low-Energy Bluetooth



Learn More

Day-to-night Auto Bulb Ramping Tutorial

Basic time-lapse setup


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with my camera?

For fully automatic bulb ramping, the Timelapse+ needs USB control of the camera.  Most Canons and Nikons work for this, but Nikon doesn't allow smooth ramping of the bulb (it ramps in 1/8 stop steps, but Canon allows arbitrary bulb lengths and thereby perfectly smooth bulb ramps).  Click here for more info on USB support. For cameras without USB support, the Timelapse+ works as a standard intervalometer and can also do limited range HDR and bulb ramping using bulb mode.  Click here for a list of adaptor cables and supported cameras.  Finally, we can't guarantee it will work with every camera, so if you find it doesn't work to your satisfaction, we'll work with you to try to get it working or you can return it for a full refund.

Does it work with motion control hardware?

Yes!  The Timelapse+ has an auxiliary out port which can be configured to send a "closed" signal after the completion of each shot, allowing for shoot-move-shoot functionality with many motion control systems including the MX2, MX3 and Emotimo Black.  Additionally, for DIY systems, the pulse length can be configured making it possible to use the feature to set the speed (separately on up to 2 channels).

Do you ship to...?

Yes! We ship anywhere USPS will send it!  Just keep in mind that you may have to pay customs duties upon receipt.

Does bulb ramping work with Nikon?

Yes, but there's flicker.  Nikon doesn't allow smooth ramping of the bulb (it ramps in 1/8 stop steps, but Canon allows arbitrary bulb lengths and thereby perfectly smooth bulb ramps).  Another limitation is that the fastest bulb time for most Nikon cameras is 1/5 second (1/20 for Canon), but Nikon does allow automatic switching from manual to bulb, so it's possible to have it start at higher speeds in manual mode (in 1/3 stop steps), and then switch to bulb automatically once it's below 1/5.  The steps can then be smoothed out in LRTimelapse or other deflickering software.  This is still advantageous over the aperture priority method since the Timelapse+ can take the ramp much beyond the camera's light meter (e.g., sunset to Milky Way).

Do you accept returns?

Yes, within 60 days of shipment.

What cables do I need for it?

Check out the compatibility page and shutter cable page for info.  Also, for bulb ramping, a PC-Sync cable is recommended for improved timing.

Can it use external power?

Yes, The Timelapse+ can be powered by any USB power source during use and the power can be connected and disconnected at anytime without interrupting the time-lapse.  It will not overcharge the battery. The internal battery (without external power) lasts up to 24 hours when connected via shutter cable or IR, less with USB, but it should generally outlast the camera's battery.