A smart auto ramping intervalometer that's also a portal to your camera. Quickly setup and preview timelapse from the VIEW or your smartphone.


Intelligent Automatic Ramping

The Holy Grail of timelapse has been the pursuit of creating near perfect transition from day to night without much post editing. The VIEW has made it possible to conquer this challenge. The VIEW can automatically ramp the exposure by analyzing the exposure value of each image and feeding it through a sophisticated algorithm to deliver perfect results for sunset, sunrise or milky-way captures. Automatic day-to-night and night-to-day or even 24 hour with no setup needed -- just press start! The holy grail of time-lapse is simpler than ever before.


The VIEW in Action

"Here's a 13 hour sunset to sunrise time-lapse I did last weekend using the VIEW in combination the Syrp Genie for motion control. I'm still blown away how well this little unit performs even with difficult lighting conditions like this. I had sunset, the moon, a lighthouse and sunrise to contend with, and the View just did it's job perfectly!" -- Mark Gee


The VIEW has been newsworthy...


Some Kind Words

"Timelapse+ has definitely pushed intervalometers forward with the VIEW."
Imaging Resource

"The easiest to setup yet most powerful exposure ramping device I've tested to date.
- Jay Burlage, CEO, Dynamic Perception

"Say goodbye to wasted nights of trial and error."
- Ron Risman,

Designed for Professionals

The rugged design of the VIEW is meant for use in most conditions. It is dust proof, moisture resistant, can easily handle bad weather and even significant drops. It is designed to operate in temperatures as low as -40°C. The 15+ hour of battery life allows for uninterrupted use and and eliminates the concern of a cable disconnecting. For additional power, simply plug in external power via a micro-USB connection. The color OLED screen has a high contrast range and is comfortably usable across a wide range of ambient light conditions and temperatures. 


Perfect for long-term setups

Check, reconfigure, download images, and even set-up motion from anywhere. Preview mode on the VIEW and the smartphone app allows you to see your resulting time-lapse at 30fps, even while it is still in progress.

Touch-Free Gesture Controls

When you come back to your recording, while the VIEW is still capturing, do a gentle wave in front of the device to wake it. Without touching your setup, you can gestures to navigate to the preview to or check the current status.

Diverse Weather Controls

The knob controls allow for remarkable ease of use while wearing gloves or mittens


Powerful Features

Focus Ramping

Focus ramping is supported on most Canon and Nikon DSLRs and allows smoothly changing focus during a time-lapse. Setup multiple focus points in the app using live view and define the time at which each is active. Then, during the time-lapse the VIEW will smoothly blend focus between the preset points. More detail on Focus Ramping...









Record with full confidence

Another challenge with capturing time lapses is never really knowing if what has been captured is any good until you’re back at your computer. 

Ideal for long-term setups, the VIEW’s mobile app gives you complete control over your camera. You can preview, make settings adjustments and even download images remotely.

Preview your time-lapse at 24/30fps on the VIEW,  mobile device or a web portal -- even while the time-lapse is still recording! This means you can end it with confidence knowing you got the results you wanted, or find renewed patience after seeing things are just getting started. Learn more about remote operation...


Motion Control

The VIEW has an auxiliary out port for synchronizing shoot-move-shoot with most motion systems. Additionally, it can integrate with Dynamic Perceptions NMX 3-axis stepper motor controller via USB or Bluetooth for complex multi-axis multi-keyframe motion shots that can even incorporate focus ramping and dynamic variable intervals, while keeping it all in sync with the keyframes.

The new keyframe editor can be used to coordinate multiple settings and axes with up to 10 time-based points, with smooth spline or linear interpolation. Learn more about motion control...





And in addition to the user interface, the camera interface and physical setup is also simplified as much as possible. It has an integrated hotshoe mount that can read the flash sync, eliminating the need to carry extra cable. It also has a full-size USB host port for connecting the camera, so for most applications only a single USB cable is needed.


Supported Cameras

Camera Body Auto Ramping Focus Ramping Liveview Minimum Ramping Interval
Nikon DSLRs Yes Yes, most Yes, most 3-4s
Canon DSLRs Yes Yes, most Yes, most 3-4s
Sony A7, A6000, A7S Yes No No (wifi yes) 8-12s via USB, 4-5s via Wifi
Sony A7R Yes No No (wifi yes) 14-18s via USB, 4-5s via Wifi
Sony A7RII Yes No Yes 14-18s via USB, 4-5s via Wifi
Sony A7II, A6300, A6500, A7SII, A9 Yes No Yes 8-12s via USB, 4-5s via Wifi
Panasonic GH3, GH4 Yes No No 4-7s
Panasonic GH5 No (planned) No No (planned)
Fuji X-T1 Yes No Yes 5-8s
Fuji X-T2 Yes Yes Yes 5-8s

For notes and issues specific to certain camera bodies, visit the documentation page section, Camera Notes