Updating the Firmware in Windows

1) Download

Download the latest firmware + installer here: TLPFW_20150818_WINDOWS

After downloading, extract the zip file.

2) Connect the Timelapse+

Connect the Timelapse+ device to the computer with the USB cable (connected on the right-side port of the device) and boot in DFU mode: While holding the top-right and top-left buttons of the Timelapse+ device, momentarily press the down button to boot into DFU mode (the red light will flash).

3) Install the drivers (only necessary the first time)

From the extracted folder, run (double-click) zadig.exe to install the drivers. See the screenshot below. First, select the Timelapse+ DFU Bootloader from the drop-menu. Then, make sure the driver is set to libusb-win32 (this is important) and finally click "Install Driver". When it's complete, you can close the zadig program.

4) Update Firmware

Double-click the "upgrade_firmware" batch file from the extracted folder

(If you have one of the 25 Kickstarter Early prototypes, double-click the "upgrade_firmware_proto" batch file instead)

Optional: Video Tutorial