Timelapse+ Firmware

NOTE: this is the firmware page for the original Timelapse+ Intervalometer.  For the new VIEW Intervalometer firmware and release notes, see the github releases for it here.

The Timelapse+ firmware is field updatable, allowing users to take advantage of new features and fixes introduced after the date of purchase.  The firmware is also open-source, so if you'd like to check it out yourself you can find it here on github.


Updating the firmware

Supports Lion & Mountain Lion (and probably most older Intel systems)

Supports Windows 7, 8, & 10, 32-bit & 64-bit. (XP/Vista might work but are not officially supported)

Instructions are for Debian-based systems (such as Ubuntu), but most versions should work

Nightly development build: click here

The current version is 20150818. After successfully upgrading, you should see this screen (shown on the right) on the Timelapse+ (only once).


If you encounter difficulties upgrading the firmware, please visit http://support.timelapseplus.com and post to the forum or submit a ticket.

Note: the Timelapse+ device must be connected directly to one of the computer's USB ports, not through a hub, as there have been several reports of issues when connected through a hub.


Change Log


  • Experimental Sony USB support for bulb ramping & HDR
  • Improvements and bug fixes for bulb ramping with ND filter removal
  • Memory out-of-bounds write bug fix resolving occasional errors in motion control


  • Fix for Nikon D300 and others where attempting to switch to manual focus broke the USB connection, causing bulb ramping to fail


  • ND Filter Removal support for bulb ramping (part of custom night target)
  • NMX Auto connect (Settings->Auxiliary->BT Default)
  • Bug fixes and light sensor tuning
  • Warning for starting an auto bulb ramp when it's too dark to track


    • NMX BT reliability improvements
    • Fix for PTP errors with some Nikon cameras, including the D800 & similar
    • New External Interval Trigger Option (can be used for interfacing with motion devices that don't support external intervalometers, like the Syrp Genie, or can also be used as a manual trigger for hyperlapse bramping).
    • Fix for a bug that could cause automatic bulb ramp to fail to ramp exposure if started in low light


    • New option for auto-reconnect to NMX on power on (Settings->Auxiliary->BT Default = 'NMX Connect')
    • When Settings->Auxiliary->AUX Port is set to 'PC Sync In', the camera port can alternately be configured for 'Motion Sync' (Settings->Auxiliary->Camera Port = 'Motion Sync')


    • Resets axis positions to zero on keyframe flatten (avoids possible unexpected moves)
    • Fixes an issue with the NMX settings groups only affecting motor 1


    • Fixes a bug introduced in 20140324 that breaks setting the frames in basic time-lapse mode
    • Updated settings version to ensure a proper reset upon upgrade (will erase settings on update)


    • Fixes a bug introduced in 20150313 that caused motion errors during long intervals
    • Adds Options->Goto StartKF to move all axes to the start
    • Adds Options->Flatten KFs to flatten/reset all keyframed parameters (exposure, interval, focus, motion)
    • In Settings->Timelapse->KF Ramping, NMX settings are now grouped by axis
    • Adds NMX settings for MicroStepping and Speed
    • Added Settings->Timelapse->KF Ramping->KF Time Unit to set keyframe editor lateral motion by pixel or minute


    • Fixes out-of-sync axis during keyframe setup (issue from 20150313)
    • Fixes broken auto interval (issue from 20150313)
    • New Keyframe Interval mode (Auto mode is still recommended for bulb ramping)


    • Corrects for any minor timing errors (waiting for camera, etc) for smoother motion w/NMX
    • More NMX setup options VIDEO
    • Move starting position of NMX axes right from the Connect screen
    • Bugfixes, including a fix that improves the button responsiveness
    • Improved LiveView mode for Canon -- allows zooming in for focus confirmation. (if it doesn't work, try changing Settings->Camera->Canon LV to change it back to the old way).


    • Support for keyframe motion control with Dynamic Perception's NMX controller (wirelessly via bluetooth) VIDEO
    • New graphical keyframe editor for bulb ramping, motion and focus VIDEO
    • Keyframe focus ramping support for both Canon & Nikon (beta) VIDEO
    • Switch ISO manually for bulb ramping with cameras not supported by USB
    • Improved timing with PC-sync cable & auto calibration VIDEO
    • Numerous bugfixes and minor improvements
    • Fix for a bug in an intermediate version that broke basic time-lapse mode


    • Added support for ISO down to 32 ISO in 1/3 stop increments (fixes crashes on newer cameras)
    • Ability to work around unsupported parameter ranges
    • Fix for a bug that broke basic time-lapse mode under certain conditions


    • Bugfix correcting bramp target preview
    • More improvements for switching between guided and automatic


    • Bugfix correcting an issue when Bramp Target was set to "Automatic"
    • Improvements for switching between guided and automatic
    • Fix for HDR time-lapse skipping frames


    • Improved auto bulb ramping algorithm for even smoother transitions and better light tracking
    • Auto Bramp Target preview -- see the estimated ending exposure before you start
    • Use PC sync cable for more accurate bulb exposures (minimal flicker at fast bulb times!)
    • Auto-configure camera timing parameters using PC sync cable (Settings->Camera->Run Autoconf)
    • Linear auto interval ramping for a more subtle effect
    • Red light can be disabled during error alerts (Settings->Display->Error Alert)
    • Experimental focus stacking support for Nikon DSLRs (if liveview is supported)
    • Many stability improvements and bug fixes


    • Configure capture protocol for Nikon with Settings->Camera->Nikon USB
    • Switching between bulb mode and manual mode is now supported on most Canon EOS cameras that have bulb mode as a shutter speed setting in manual (the Canon 7D, 5DmkII and older models with a separate bulb mode are supported already, and most Nikons are supported)
    • Minor auto bulb ramp algorithm improvements (night-to-day support in auto bulb ramp is still in development)


    • KNOWN ISSUE: doesn't work well for night-to-day auto bulb ramp
    • New auto bulb ramp algorithm factors ambient light median slope and guides rate
    • Specify a target night exposure for auto bulb ramp
    • Multiple USB stability improvements
    • Improved Nikon USB control
    • Improved self-correction of USB errors during a time-lapse
    • Use 2nd AUX channel for additional motion control axis with separate pulse duration
    • Device stays discoverable after BT disconnect until power down


    • Fix for a potential crash caused by a sudden drop in light during an automatic bulb ramp


    • Backlight now functions during a time-lapse
    • Switch between Auto and Guided modes during Bulb Ramping
    • Variable Interval for Bulb Ramping
    • Bugfix for HDR using high shutter speeds with USB
    • Begin a Bulb Ramp in manual mode with high shutter speeds and then switch to bulb when possible (experimental)
    • Pause feature available for bulb ramping (will be added to basic time-lapse soon)
    • USB Stability Improvements
    • USB Error Auto-Recovery (experimental)


    • Includes a change in the light sensor algorithm in attempt to improve results and fix a bug that has shown up in some devices where after dark during a bulb ramp the results are unexpected and incorrect. I have to do more tests to confirm this is an improvement, but it's going to be a couple days before I can, so I wanted to post this in case those having trouble want to give it a try as well. A more stable/tested version of this update should be released in about a week.


    • USB Support for Nikon D3100
    • Moved most static strings to program memory space (frees up memory)
    • Added menu wrap option (Settings->System->Menu Wrap)
    • Split Camera settings menu and added new Time-lapse category
    • Added setting for configuring bulb time in arbitrary seconds rather than just 1/3 stops (Settings->Time-lapse->Bulb Units)
    • Minor USB fixes, mainly for Nikon


    • Bugfix for HDR sequences with USB
    • Pre-check before running a time-lapse to help avoid basic errors
    • Experimental remote video control
    • Experimental generic PTP triggering for non Canon/Nikon cameras


    • Added support for the Canon EOS 40D
    • USB stability improvements
    • Light sensor improvements (still needs more testing to be sure they're improvements!)
    • New feature: Focus Stacking for Canon EOS cameras (Nikon coming soon)
    • Light/Lightning/Motion trigger consolidation and performance improvements (for lightning triggering, set to "Rising Edge" and highest sensitivity)


    • Bug fix correcting an issue that caused the ISO to go too high when ramping


    • Bug fix correcting an error where logical code was inside a debug block causing incorrect calculations for Auto Bulb Ramping


    • Bugfix for issue caused by previous update that under certain conditions caused the starting bulb exposure to be too long for auto bulb-ramp
    • Bugfix for Nikon event parsing
    • Backlight now comes on properly after a bulb-ramp is complete


    • Important bugfixes and improvements for bulb-ramping (fixes crash during night-to-day)
    • LCD contrast improvement! Adjust at Settings->Display->T Coefficent
    • Adjustable limits for Aperture and ISO during bulb-ramping (Settings->Camera->ISO Limit)
    • Settings->Camera-Mode Switch now defaults to off for compatibility
    • IR signal can be sent out the AUX port instead of the onboard LED (Settings->Auxiliary->AUX Port)
    • Added ability yo set system name (Settings->System->System Name)
    • Improved splash screen with system name and version
    • Improved USB support for Nikon DSLRs
    • Note: due changes to the settings structure, all stored data and settings will be reset to default


    • Another important USB bugfix relating to the previous, affecting Canon EOS cameras


    • Critical USB core bugfix affecting overall stability and support for Canon EOS cameras
    • New Settings->Auxiliary->Dolly Pulse option for configurable AUX port pulse duration between frames
    • New Settings->Camera->Mode Switch option for cameras that don't support switching of the camera mode over USB
    • Experimental Video control over USB for select Canon EOS cameras (to be built upon later)
    • Additional option for Integration time for Auto Bulb-Ramp, default is now 10 minutes


    • Bugfix for aperture control of lenses during bulb-ramping that have a maximum aperture between f/2.4 and f/1.2
    • Up to 13 exposure for HDR now possible


    • Bugfix for the previous version: some Canon Rebels might be recognized as generic rather than Canon by the USB driver. The fix for now is that it bases the USB driver on the Settings->Camera->CameraMake setting, so be sure it is correct!


    • At least some level of Nikon USB support -- tested with the D40 and D7000 (no USB bulb control, though, so a adaptor cable is still needed)
    • Current time-lapse/HDR configuration is now persistant through power-off
    • New setting (Settings->Camera->Run On PwrOn) allows auto-starting the current time-lapse on power-on
    • USB Bulb control should now work with most Canon EOS cameras (including the EOS 7D)
    • Updated to the latest LUFA USB library (includes bugfixes)
    • Additional bugfixes


    • Bugfix correcting an issue causing a time-lapse to keep running


    • Automatic and Guided bulb-ramp modes added (see BulbRamping)
    • New interactive status screen for bulb-ramping
    • New splash screen during bootup
    • Improved reliability when using USB + camera cable for HDR
    • Additional minor bugfixes


    • Fix for time-lapse mode 'Camera' setting bug
    • Bulb exposures up to 125 minutes now possible
    • Additional bugfixes


    • Fixed Tv setting when not connected via USB
    • Fix for occasional USB bulb control errors
    • Aperture is now controlled during bulb-ramping


    • Sub-menus now display '>' for improved navigation
    • The Settings menu has been organized into sub-menus for more a intuitive arrangement
    • Press and hold the upper-left button to power-off
    • Bugfixes for USB bulb control
    • Fixed an overflow bug that caused long bulb-ramp time-lapses to end prematurely
    • Fixed issues when when using a shutter cable with USB control
    • Bulb time is now allowed down to 1/20s (experimental -- may not work on all cameras)
    • Battery level added to Settings -> System Info



    • Time-lapse/HDR interface overhaul1. The "Shutter" setting has been replaced with "Tv", and offers a a list of values 1/3 stop apart that match and extend the familiar range of shutter speeds 2. The range for HDR settings (Tv, Bracket, Exposures) is dynamically limited based on the possible shutter speeds (which are automatically extended when a compatible camera is connected via USB) 3. Bulb-ramping keyframes are now defined by time since start and stops +/- relative to the starting exposure, and the range is dynamically calculated as with HDR
    • USB control for Canon EOS cameras (Nikon and more to come next!)

    1. Bulb-ramping can automatically change ISO on Canon EOS cameras

    2. HDR can use high shutter speeds on Canon EOS cameras

    3. Requires USB OTG cable -- see cables list

    • Auto-repeat for Up/Down buttons
    • Default BT behavior now configurable in Settings

    1. Power-saving -- only discoverable from Connect->BT (default)

    2. Discoverable -- always ready to connect at any time. Uses slightly more power but is convenient.

    • Half-press can be disabled in Settings
    • Saved programs can now be renamed/deleted
    • Bulb Offset adjustable in Settings (this is like x-time from the Little Bramper)


    • IR timing improvements -- should resolve several issues with IR
    • BT stability improvements
    • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements


    • AUX Port Output for MX2 controller (experimental)
    • Improved support for Pentax IR
    • Trigger duration for the camera is now based on the Camera FPS setting (important to set correctly)
    • Numbers can now be used when saving setups (rename/delete to come soon)
    • BT stability improvements
    • Fixed overflow bug affecting long bulb exposures


    • New Lightening and Motion Triggers!
    • Improved consistency across numeric settings
    • Multiple bugfixes for Frames=0 infinite time-lapses
    • Additional minor bugfixes


    • New long bulb-exposure mode in the Timelapse menu
    • BT bugfixes and improvements
    • HDR bugfix - now works for brackets over 1 stop
    • Photos can now be set to infinite for time-lapses (another contribution by John McCormick!)
    • Improved status screen
    • Improved timing system - timing is now much more accurate and consistant.
    • Fixed bugs in naming and saving time-lapse configurations


    • LE Bluetooth support (iOS app in the works!)
    • TL+ devices can wirelessly communicate for remote control/monitoring
    • Bugfix for long exposure times
    • The setting CameraFPS now works
    • Fixed overflow bug on long time-lapses
    • Improved large font for time-lapse setup (Thanks to John McCormick!)
    • Improved pop-up notices for events
    • Additional minor bugfixes and improvements