Updating the Firmware in Linux

1. Download

Download the latest firmware files here: TLPFW_20150818_FIRMWARE

After downloading, extract the zip file.

2. Install the programming utility (only necessary the first time)

$ sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer (for debian-based distros)

3. Connect the Timelapse+

Connect the Timelapse+ device to the computer with the USB cable (connected on the right-side port of the device) and boot in DFU mode: While holding the top-right and top-left buttons of the Timelapse+ device, momentarily press the down button to boot into DFU mode (the red light will flash).

4. Update Firmware

Run the following commands: 

$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1287 erase 

$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1287 flash [path to downloaded firmware hex file] 

$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1287 reset