Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer

Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer

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Intervalometer / Camera Controller, remote live view, real-time preview of time-lapse, bulb ramping, wide temperature range, OLED color screen, motion integration, long-term/scheduled time-lapse (coming soon), integrated battery (15+ hours, can also be powered externally). Nikon, Canon, Sony Alpha, Panasonic GH3/4 & Fuji X-series Support. Includes charging cable & USB cable for camera.

Online Manual:

http://docs.view.tl (en Español: http://es.view.tl)

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Why GPS?

Good question! When I first added it as an option, it didn't do much, but I've been slowly adding features that leverage the GPS data. Here's a list of what the GPS provides at present:

  • adds geotagging metadata to XMP files for Lightroom

  • displays sun/moon data on the VIEW

  • enables automating exposure plans for solar eclipsecircumstances, with precise timing for your exact location (https://www.timelapseplus.com/blog/2017/8/14/photographing-the-821-us-eclipse-using-the-timelapse-view-intervalometer)

  • allow using a pan/tilt system to automatically follow the sun (https://vimeo.com/232992080) or moon (https://vimeo.com/233253148)

And planned for the future is a GPS-based ramping algorithm for times when it's preferred to ramp according to the sun's position rather than the current perceived brightness. This would make sense in situations with motion control where the scene could be mostly dark for a time while the camera moves behind an object, but where you want to ramp according to the sky and not the appearance of the image.

Still, all GPS features can be enabled by manually inputting the time and location, so you don't actually need the GPS for anything, it's just more convenient. Also, if you don't get the GPS but change your mind in the future, you can add it yourself, as shown in this video: https://vimeo.com/207215189

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Internal GPS:
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