Big firmware update!

Version 20150304 is here, along with some exciting new features...

Keyframe Editor

The new keyframe editor presents a new graphical interactive way to edit time/value keyframes for precise bulb ramping setup and more, specifically motion & focus, as seen below.


NMX Stepper Controller Integration

While the Timelapse+ already works well with many motion control systems, including the MX2, MX3, eMotimo TB3 and others, the new Dynamic Perception NMX integration takes it much further with total control of everything all through the Timelapse+ as the central controller.  Built on top of the new keyframe editor, up to 10 time/position keyframes can be added for each of the 3 axis.  The timing can thereby be coordinated with keyframe bramping (or auto bramping, even working with a variable interval) as well as focus ramping, as seen next...


Focus Ramping

This is a really exciting feature, especially when combined with motion.  And this time Nikon users aren't left out either -- it's fully working with my test D5100, and hopefully that means others, too -- we'll have to see.  Focus Stacking should also work with Nikon now as well.


Ready to get started?

Start out downloading the latest firmware here:   Among other improvements, a lot of time has been spent on perfecting the timing and reliability of bulb ramping with a PC-sync cable, and the auto config program in the Timelapse+ will calculate the best timing parameters for each camera (and remember them per camera, so you don't need to re-run the program every time).  Here's a video for help getting started with this:

Beyond what's mentioned here, there's also some exciting new features for bulb ramping that allow coordinating manual ISO changes for cameras without USB support, which will be covered in additional videos and documentation in the coming weeks.   Thanks for your patience as I now focus on getting the documentation back up to date for this new release.



P.S., Join me in Moab, Utah for a hands-on workshop with Ron Risman.  I will be there along with Ryan from Dynamic Perception. (it just sold out but you can get on the waiting list just in case)